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We introduce our self as a leading manufacturer and World wide Exporter of Himalayan salt & salt Products such as Natural lamps, crafted lamps, natural , Crafted salt lumps, Granulated salt, Bath salt, Salt Crystal Lamps ,Grey and black Colours,Been and eeg size, Salt Crystal, Salt enimals (Dog, elephent, Lion) and Handicrafts ETC. Any product related to Himalayan salt. In packing point of view we have our own proper packing unit where we do packing for our salt products and having proper QC department for categories best quality in lamps.

In Salt lamps we have hundred of designs available such as diamond shape salt lamp, Flower shape salt lamp, mushroom lamp, Tear salt lamp, Foot ball salt lamp, Globe salt shape lamp ETC

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Similar to the individuality of certain spring water the biophysical quality criteria of natural crystalline salt crucially depend on its geological origin. Salt is vital for humans as well as animals. These rock salt deposits are complemented by the 700-km coastal belt of Pakistan producing over 1400 tons of sea per day and the Tharparkar and Rahimyar Khan Lake deposits, which produce an additional 200 tons per day. What is rock salt? Common salt is known as sodium chloride (NaCI). The salt is normally extracted by two methods. One most commonly used is by evaporating sea water, the second is through mining. The salt extracted from the second method is known as mineral rock salt. Salt carries a long history, the ancient African used cakes of salt as mode of payment. The world “Salary” has been derived from the Latin world “Solarium” which originally referred to the direct payment of salt as wages to soldiers in the Roman Army.In short, this virtuous looking, white granulated substance known as salt has been of utmost essential value through out the human history.

Why Rock Salt?

The advantages of rock salt over sea salt are numerous from the health point of view. For one UN like sea salt it is free heat processing and chemical additives like Silicon Aluminates, Potassium Iodide, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate etc. * Salt is used by every living creature including humans in one form or another * In food for taste and meeting the needs of the human body * For water softening plants and industrial use * By Oil and gas industry * Salt is used as a de-icing process during the winter months, when ice and snow accumulate on roads. When applied to snow, salt lowers the melting point Thus; large amounts are used in northern climates to help rid thoroughfares of accumulated snow and ice.

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Salt is used in water-softening equipment that removes calcium and magnesium compounds from water * In the chemical industry, salt is required in the manufacture of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), hydrochloric acid, chlorine, and many other chemicals salt is also employed in soap, glaze, manufacture and enters into metallurgical processes as a flux (a substance promoting fusing of metals).


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  • Salt Cooking Slabs
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  • Salt Massage
  • Rock Salt
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